Arix We Like Green ECO floor cloth made with 100% recycled microfibres, 45x50cm

CHF7.20 incl. 7.70% VAT

EAN: 8008990028839 SKU: 32883


Double texture floor cloth for double use, fully made with 100% recycled microfibres.

Eco-effectiveness: deep down-cleaning of the most difficult stains without chemicals, just with water only! Ultra soft, flat microfibres side for deep, lint-free and streakless cleaning;

the embossed side to remove heavy and thick dirt without scratching surfaces.Used wet and well squeezed, it’s suitable for all surfaces, the embossed side especially for ceramic and grès. FSC certified paper packaging.

EAN: 8008990028839 SKU: 32883
Brand: Arix
Contents: 1 piece
Product type: Cleaning utensils
Application range: Ground
Item number: 32883


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